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Dormer Tools is one of the World’s largest producers of High Speed Steel cutting tools. A key member of the BAHCO Group, Dormer has a vision and a commitment to always be the leading supplier to production industries as well as to the maintenance machining market.

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Dormer a major international supplier, Dormer insists on its products surpassing all relevant independent performance standards, even in industries such as aerospace where tolerances are stringent. Consider the standards which Dormer's cutting tool programmes achieve. These include DIN, ISO, BS,ANSI and JIS.

Based near Sheffield, the home of the UK tool industry, Dormer is proud of its modern production facilities - a combination of new state of the art CNC machinery, allied with cellular production methods and the inherent skills of the personnel, ensure that the tradition of manufacturing excellence will continue throughout the 21st century.


Dormer’s standard drills are manufactured in HSS or HSCo with a blue, bright or bronze finish. Certain drills are coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) or Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN), where this would combine with the design of the tool to bring higher productivity and longer tool life. Three types of shank are offered as standard ?straight shank (cylindrical), Morse taper shank and stepped shank (with whistle notch DIN 6535 HE or without whistle notch DIN 6535 HA). The choice of shank is usually dictated by the machine being used.

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Dormer’s standard taps are manufactured in HSS, HSCo and HSCo-XP, with bright, nitrided and TiN coated finishes. There are three main flute forms, straight flute, spiral flute and spiral point. The most commonly used are the straight flute taps, which can be used for through and blind holes in a wide range of materials. They are supplied in one of three chamfer leads, Taper, Second and Bottom, but are also offered as serial taps.


Dies are used for external threading. Manual threading is the most usual method although machine threading is sometimes used for simple tasks.Thread cutting tools made from chromium steel are especially suited for manual threading. Chromium steels have a lower red hardness than high speed steels. This means that under comparable machining conditions, they will have less wear resistance than high speed steels.



 Cutting Tools

 Volkel   Dormer   Somta  Sherwood  SKC 



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